Swaying Back and Forth

The dusky atmosphere  lulls you into submission Swaying back and forth mindlessly As if you were in the desert heat In a barren tiresome place where you can't hear a peep *** But your not there Your here On your desk In your room In a city Bustly and gritty *** And yet you sway … Continue reading Swaying Back and Forth

Fresh pot of motivation

Brew a fresh pot of coffee With the top so creamy and frothy Plotting the next steps for a future so bright and glossy Even though the start seemed rocky Hope the future does not hold onto past animosity Let the fruits of our labour come with vast velocity

Now hard to face

Your claws dig in me leaving me breathless Suffocated and entrapped with no room to self express *** What was once a soft touch and a warm embrace Became too much And is now hard to face

Escaping you

I lower my gaze walking head down in a fearful daze I do not want to speak debate or be critiqued So I walk away and stray far from were you stay from a bond that was strong with a long-stand and a talk we should of had