Don’t think I forgot about You

Don't think I forgot about you You are always on my mind in every waking and sleeping moment Not sure if it's a nightmare or a daydream But don't think I forgot about you When I see others smile and laugh I can't relate A meek smile is all I can manage to do A … Continue reading Don’t think I forgot about You

Living Life

This November I'm turning 20. It seemed so far away but it has arrived so fast. The big 2-0,  still young but now I' faced with my worst fear... responsibilities and adulthood :/ I've just graduated from university and now the time has come to actually start my career and so I have began to … Continue reading Living Life

In My Head

To push through the doubts in your head Is a greater accomplishment than rejecting the doubts of others You are your greatest motivator And you are your greatest down fall Only we change our future Not others and their opinions So make sure you silence your doubts Then you will succeed Batool Xx