Scared and Afraid

It started off small A ¬†minuscule mistake In the face of a challenge You ran away Afraid of the stakes Heavy to face Yes there was a chance to win But the fear of the fail got you carried away One time, two time And now your constantly afraid The longer you run The harder … Continue reading Scared and Afraid


When you attempt to dream of tomorrow And your mind goes blank *** When you question what you want And your mind goes blank *** When the thought of failure Only leaves you indifferent *** Then you are lost *** Find yourself before it's too late

I Gaze and Gaze

I gaze And Gaze at the reflection staring back at me with so many faults so many shortcomings Not the image of perfection inside my head With every cruel word I try to help her To mould her But is it working?

In My Head

To push through the doubts in your head Is a greater accomplishment than rejecting the doubts of others You are your greatest motivator And you are your greatest down fall Only we change our future Not others and their opinions So make sure you silence your doubts Then you will succeed Batool Xx