You’re not bold or bright….

You're not bold or bright With colourful wings whose flutter amazes the sight *** You're not loud or opinionated With confidence that oozes in face of any spite *** You're quiet and meek You stutter and seem weak Making it hard to achieve what you seek *** You sit down perched with your dull colours … Continue reading You’re not bold or bright….

Fresh pot of motivation

Brew a fresh pot of coffee With the top so creamy and frothy Plotting the next steps for a future so bright and glossy Even though the start seemed rocky Hope the future does not hold onto past animosity Let the fruits of our labour come with vast velocity

You’re always one decision away from a totally Different Life

"You're always one decision away from a totally Different Life" I saw this quote today and although it's pretty much common sense, like every other inspirational quote, it resonated with me. Just think about it, even through a minute of omission it will affect our tomorrows. For better or worse who knows. Do you chose … Continue reading You’re always one decision away from a totally Different Life


Time. Quick to go and never to return. Patiently waiting for it to hurry. To hoping it stops and never progresses. We will never know when our time is up. Early or Late. Oh time so easy to fleet us. So uncaring. But once we recognise your value. Your precious value. Then and only then … Continue reading Time