They say the path is long and winded spiralling chaotically, destructively through the valley The obstacles glare at you face on Spikey daggers and thousands of thorns *** Yet they say it is clear Just move forward through all the drudgery A simple path to success *** But what if you don't know where you … Continue reading Uncertainty

Work Hard

Work Hard Then Harder And Harder *** The Hustle is our life *** If you aren't working You aren't living Thats what we're taught *** But what happens if you work hard Achieve big And still not happy?  _________________________________________________________________ Recently I watched a movie called "From the Rough" (click the link to the movie). I took … Continue reading Work Hard

One Wish

Mirror, mirror on the wall Why can't I get anything done at all *** Not true love Not 20/20 vision *** But at least grant me the ability to do my revision Batool Xx I'm a final year law student, enough said ;( Pray for me ;(